Plastics welder

Plastics welder

Job description

  • welding, gluing and laying of plastic pipes, joints and parts

  • production of welded joints in the process of: butt welding with a heating element, butt welding of couplings with a heating element, extrusion welding of PP, PE, PVC plastics

  • creating glued joints for PVC-U
  • processing and treatment of plastics
  • assembly, repair and inspection of existing tanks, equipment, systems and installations
  • production of components, pipe systems and tanks according to specifications and technical drawings
  • working at heights above 3 meters

Position requirements

  • welding machine

  • power tools
  • ability to read technical drawings - a necessary condition
  • driving license, authorization of UDT - additional requirement
  • readiness for business trips

We offer

  • remuneration for the trial period (2 weeks) - 20 PLN / hour net
  • two month's salary after the trial period - 29 PLN / hour net
  • salary after two months - 32 PLN / hour net

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