Work for a welder using the 136/138 (FCAW) method in Poland

Work for a welder using the 136/138 (FCAW) method in Poland

Job description

We offer work in Poland on very good terms to all interested people looking for a job as a welder using the 136/138 (FCAW) method. Our company has been operating on the HR market since 2009. During these several years, thousands of people from all over the world have started working with us in Poland and Europe. We also invite you to take part in the recruitment process.

What will your work be like?

The welder with the 136/138 method (FCAW) is an arc welding with a wire with a powder filling in the shield of chemically active gases or gas mixtures. It is currently the most common welding method for more demanding metal structures. Especially popular in the offshore and shipbuilding sector.

Position requirements

  • we require experience in working as a welder using the 136/138 (FCAW) method for a minimum of 3 years
  • selecting basic and additional materials for welding;
  • preparation of elements and materials for welding in accordance with the technical documentation;
  • performing welding operations using various techniques, using welding devices equipped with a manual handle and cylinders with technical (shielding) gases or an oxygen-acetylene torch while maintaining optimal welding parameters;
  • performing arc welding operations with wire with a powder filling in the shield of chemically active gases or gas mixtures;
  • performing cutting operations with a gas torch, electric arc, plasma or laser method using various techniques;
  • preparation of surfaces, elements and parts for welding, welding, soldering and cutting by cleaning and bevelling the edges, determining the relative position of parts or appropriate fastening and marking the place of intersection;
  • operation and maintenance of devices and equipment for welding, welding, soldering and cutting-off;
  • use of welding mechanization devices and measuring instruments for checking the quality of the welded joint;
  • performing welding operations within the scope of the possessed qualifications according to the technical documentation;
  • knowledge of the English language will be an advantage
  • applicants should have a valid passport for at least 2 years and up to 40 years of age

We offer

  • fully legal work in Poland on the basis of a work permit and a working visa
  • obtaining a residence card on the territory of Poland
  • salary from 28 to 35 PLN per hour net (6,000 - 8,000 PLN per month)
  • on some contracts, free accommodation and transport to work
  • organization of the entire visa process
  • pickup from the airport in Poland and accommodation in WORKSOL Group accommodation facilities
  • care of an English-speaking coordinator in Poland
  • free medical care in Poland
  • free workwear

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